Well, I was facing Error 500 to run python file on xampp. In this blog i will show you how you can run python file on xampp server. Let’s get started.

Step: 1 Install Xampp

Step: 2 Change configuration file

Edited httpd.conf

Hello data enthusiasts ! In this blog i am going to implement Market Basket Analysis using Association Rule Mining on Groceries Data.

Have you ever wonder why you came up with so many items from Dmart/Market which is not in your item list. This is because chances of buying product which are highly correlated to each other. When you buying a bread, on next step you saw butter that stuck your eyes. This items are not similar but there is association between them that tends to increase the probability of buying item. We’re going to mine these association rules using…

Characteristics of Big Data

Big data is commonly characterised using a number of V’s. The first three are volume, velocity, and variety.

5 V’s of BD

1] Volume refers to the vast amounts of data that is generated every second,minutes, hour, and day in our world.volume is the dimension of big data related to its size and its exponential growth.The challenges with working with volumes of big data include cost, scalability and performance related to their storage, access, and processing.(volume==size)

2] Variety refers to the ever increasing different forms that data can come in such as text, images, voice, and geospatial data. (Variety==complexity)


The first thing i would like to say before writing anything about Big Data is that it is not new.

Big data is generated by Machine, Organisation and people. and it’s everywhere. Most of the big data sources existed before, but the scale we use and apply them today has changed. Just look at this image of open link data on the Internet. It shows not only there are so many sources of data, but they’re also connected.

Link: https://lod-cloud.net

Big data is often boiled down to a few varieties of data generated by machines, people, and organizations.

With machine…

In this Blog, I will explain basic digit recognition using Logistic Regression as well as LinearSVC. But note that there are many classification algorithms( SGD, SVM, RandomForest, etc) which can be trained on this dataset including deep learning algorithms (CNN).

Let’s understand from basic and analyse the accuracy of both method.

MNIST Dataset

What is MNIST?

MNIST is a dataset of 70,000 images of digit handwritten by high school students and employees of the US Census Bureau. All images are labelled with the respective digit they represent. MNIST is the hello world of machine learning.

There are 70,000 images and each image…

Goal Behind it

One type of data that’s easier to find on the net is Weather data. Many sites provide historical data on many meteorological parameters such as pressure, temperature, humidity, wind_speed, visibility, etc.

My goal in this Internship (of data analysis) is to transform the raw data into information and then convert it into knowledge.

I am very excited to share with you my internship’s first project. so, let’s start without any delay!

→ Weather Dataset

Import Weather Dataset

The Null Hypothesis H0 is “Has the Apparent temperature and humidity compared monthly across 10 years of the data indicate an increase due to Global warming”

The H0 means…

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